We are a group of INDIVIDUALS who are PASSIONATE about improving the State of Accessible technology.



We dream of augmented worlds, are inspired by traditional science and engineering, and live in imagination transported to reality.
Started as a crew of uni students discussing robotics, the universe and our position in it, OSeyeris is the infinite game of friends who create, engineer, test, imagine and apply into their lives what inspires them to solve.
To solve problems ranging from accessiblity to automation, serialisation to transferring skills, productivity to tackling hard and complex data, artificial intelligence to astronomy.

We don’t rely on one product or one award, we continue our journey into mastery of our environment with our machines, software and endless desire to transform knowledge to application, research to implementation, notion to presentation.

Welcome to OSeyeris, we hope you find something that will inspire you to do the same, jam with us on technologies, app making, hardware and software engineering, but also understand our philosophy and ethos: to share our tools and vision of a future made of reliable, extensible, scientific, inclusive and elegantly designed solutions.

Design, technical and commercial viability are the criteria for this prestigious award, following the philosophy adopted by Sir james Dyson which is to refine until perfection is attained. His first product took over 5000 iterations before they even released it to the public. We believe in refining until quality, functionality and the balance of features and simplicity is perfected, and are honoured for being the recipients of this acknowledgement of our work.

The space industry, and the myriads of instruments and sensors used across the historical evolution of space exploration by humankind is the most data abundant, and critical industry out there. Space is unforgiving, and requires exactitude, a sense of adventure and daring, and a lot of perseverance. We had entered this challenge with a curious, open and inspired mind, to take the data, decipher it and present it in a digestable manner. AstreOS for IOS is the result. We had spent a fun 54 hours pouring over information and consequently putting together something beautiful to look at which also inspired us to continue further into this great adventure.

Yuma has not folded after suffering a radical change in his life over a decade ago, and from being a 3D professional, transformed his career as a machine learning engineer, but kept his adventurous spirit, winning the prize which allowed him to travel the globe, interviewing experts in astrophysics, navigation engineering and stem outreach, to solve the many problems he faces as a blind computer scientist and mathematician, following the footsteps of sir James Holman, a man who travelled the world over with his white cane during the 19th century.

The vanguard award was given to our team as a result of our efforts in undertaking the task of building independence in hardware manufacturing, serialisation, automation and testing using in-house software and materials. The many iterations of our Macaron is a continuous process which has inspired colleagues and friends in our community to give us this honour as a small startup in a thriving tech community in Brisbane.

OSeyeris has been pushing the boundaries in terms of accessibility, writing solutions for the many facets of universal access, productivity tools, collaborative tools, entertainment, sonification in multiple languages and forms, and the team has never shied away from helping out, whether it be other teams, blind and visually impaired individuals or students who are unsure of their career, within our circle of friends and beyond. This award reflects this dedication to participate in this social progress towards technical competency and entrepreneurial thinking.

The university of Queensland offers a program for highly achieving students to put their skills on a wide variety of advanced academic topics across its faculties. The dark energy survey is one such project, with 500 scientists across the globe collaborating in a massive effort to understand the fundamental physics which englobe our universe. Sonifying this information using standardised visualisation tools with an AI approach gave the mac OS version of AsstreOS.

Living is a philosophy, and sometimes the inspiration can come not from our curious minds, but also our commitment to better our health, particularly in the age of covid. A healthy body, a fast and clear mind and a clean and value oriented soul are the basics of judo, the gentle way. There is another approach to thinking about this olumpic sport: to kick ass with TLC. Getting ahead by winnning competitions, but also respecting others and showing them the way is all of what we do at oseyeris, and this achievement felt right at its place.



Yuma Antoine Decaux
Founder. Founder. Yuma worked in pro-3D and having managed a team of 18 artists before losing his sight, returned to university to undertake software engineering and Mathematics. He speaks 7 languages, is a TEDx speaker, software architect and team lead.​
Jake Dean
Co Founder. Jake is a builder with a true belief in robotics for good, he has participated in the World Amazon Picking Challenge, scoring 6th out of 16 teams, and has won, alongside the rest of the team members, the prestigious James Dyson Award.
Germana Jazelle Superina








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